Mak Nyahs (Male Transsexuals) in Malaysia: The Influence of Culture and Religion on their Identity
By Yik Koon Teh
The International Journal of Transgenderism
Volume 5, Number 3, July – September 2001
Mak Nyahs (Male Transsexuals) in Malaysia

“I’m Scared to Be a Woman” Human Rights Abuses Against Transgender People in Malaysia

By Human Rights Watch

September 25, 2014

Violence: Through the Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Trans People in Asia


June 2014

Media guides by Justice for Sisters: BM | Chinese

8 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Alicia Yee Kar Wai says:

    Hi Justice for sisters, I am currently a third year student from Monash University. I am doing a project for my arts unit and it is about the LGBT community in Malaysia. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me out with. I was wondering which particular law discriminating the LGBT community can be challenged with a petition? Besides, how many signatures would be required for that to happen?
    Your reply is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and I love and respect what justiceforsisters are fighting for 🙂

  2. Benjamin Chin says:

    Hi JFS I’m a student in UTAR working on a project regarding factors of heterosexism in Malaysia. I was wondering if you have any good sources or good references or any sites that might help. Thanks in advance. Appreciate your replies.

  3. Transgender india says:

    Dear Justiceforsisters,
    We run a help and support website for transgender people in india. We are writing an article to help people differentiate gender identity from sexual orientation. We recently came across your gender bear infographic , which we feel is a great illustration to explain to concept. we hereby request you for your permission if we can use this picture on our website for this article.

    Thank You and regards,

  4. Jacqui Quetal says:

    I am a Nurse Practitioner in Oregon and I would also like permission to use your Gender bear graphic. This is for a presentation I am giving at my work. I see above that you gave permission but I want to ask again. Thank you.

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