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In conjunction with Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), we commemorate the lives that have been lost to violence and hate crimes. This year,  at least 3 cases of murders against trans women have been reported in Malaysia.

Help us create awareness and strengthen solidarity by downloading and sharing these visuals

TDOR 2019 (english)


TDOR 2019 (BM)


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rest in power Aleesha Farhana

4 years ago on 30th July 2011, Aleesha Farhana died of a heart attack and depression following a painful legal battle to just to be herself. rest in power Aleesha 🙂

“One of the bravest young women I will never know passed away in conditions of extreme physical distress and unimaginable mental anguish at approximately 5am on July the 30th, 2011. Her name was Aleesha Farhana.

Buoyed by the sanction of State, Religious Authority and Community, she was buried in a grave that will carry the wrong name; a name not hers by choice, because she was one of the few people on the planet that get to choose their own name to reflect the reality of their being. Aleesha had chosen to be a woman: the woman that she knew herself to be.” Omar Salahuddin, 31 July 2011, malaysian insider